25 Aug

Two new deliverables available for download

  • Aug 25, 17

Deliverables D2.3 and D3.2 are now available for download at the Results page.

D2.3 - Report on interdependencies and cascading effects of smart city infrastructures

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10 Aug

Photos from Workshop in Budapest

  • Aug 10, 17

Photos from the workshop in Budapest, in 24 April 2017. Expedition at the testing site of case study DELTA, assessing the resilience of transport (airport) infrastructure!


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02 Aug

D3.1 - Contextual factors related to resilience available for download!

  • Aug 02, 17

Deliverable D3.1 entitled "Contextual factors related to resilience" is available for download at the result page of the website.

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19 Jun

26th SRA-E annual conference

  • Jun 19, 17

SmartResilience project was represented at the 26th SRA-E annual conference in Lisbon, with the presentation "Assessing the influence of smart technologies onto the resilience of critical infrastructures"!


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13 Jun

Project poster in Serbian available now!!!

  • Jun 13, 17

The project poster is available now in Serbian as well.

Click here to download it.

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03 May

New deliverables available for download!

  • May 03, 17

D1.4 - "Database specifications, template for resilience indicators and first version of the RIs database" and D5.1 - "Report on the results of the interactive workshop" are now available for download at the Results page of the official website!

D1.4 summarizes the result of project activities related to providing:

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