It was our great pleasure to have you as one of the participants of the Resilience Workshop entitled: ’’Aligning the resilience-related research efforts in the EU-DRS projects’’.  

We hope that you found the workshop informative and worthwhile. The primary goal of this event was to go beyond simple presentations of project results and include exchange of opinions, confronting the ideas, identifying clearly the pros and cons of different approaches and highlighting paths and opportunities for integration of the project results.

We believe that our diverse and dynamic group of speakers and panelists has provided you with a better in-depth insight and gave you an idea about priorities in our future work. During the final discussion we have decided to work  even closer together and a number of common future activities has been proposed/agreed. They are listed and can be found below (for your convenience also in the attached pdf).

Furthermore, online working version of the workshop proceedings (Book of Abstracts) can be downloaded from here ( The presentations will be made availiable online on CoU ( and on the EU-VRi ( website soon.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you all in the future!


With kind regards

A. Jovanovic and E. Bellini on behalf of

Resilience Workshop Organization Committee


 Final discussion proceedings:

1.    A joint EU publication based on the Workshop

a)    Take current “Booklet” as the basis

b)    Common paper (working title):
“How to align the EU (and other!) projects practically (and pragmatically!)”, authored by the project committee
(6 projects, OECD, US?)

2.    Actions for the future (just suggestions, not discussed with others yet!):

a)    Make current case study “extensions”:

1.    SMR maturity model in SmartResilience

2.    Indicators in SmartResilience DB

3.    Cross-application of tools

4.    Apply the SmartResilience stress-test methodology for Resolute (Florence)

5.    A new “joint DRS 7/14 case study”? (can be extension of an existing case study!)

6.    Use RESILENS spatial-scale pilot applications to advance CIR knowledge across CI sectors


b)    Create the “proto-System of System - SoS”

1.    SmartResilience platform as the basis

2.    The “CoU-databases”: SHARE indicators, standards, needs, tools …


c)    Invite other projects: ResiStand, Enhance, …

d)    Invite other groups: EU-VRi (SmartResilience) will approach IMGS-EARTO to include some additional elements: efficiency vs. resilience, explicit addressing of HILPs & unknowns (ERs), resilience-related MCDM, education, smartness, safety, NaTech,  indicators, cognitive aspects, PPP (“EU-IPP”), … some of the issues might be better place in the “Annexes of IMGS-EARTO”

e)    Enhance collaboration with JRC-DRMKC – e.g. for making a more active link between the DRMKC and the SoS

f)     Liaise with the ERNCIP coordinators to contribute activities on CIR to the relevant thematic groups

g)    Liaise with standardization bodies/projects (e.g. ISO, CEN, ResiStand, DIN, Afnor … )

h)    Align the efforts related to international collaboration: e.g. if EU-VRi collaborates with ANL, IIC or OECD, other projects will informed

i)     Questions:

o    Joint web-site?

o    Ask CoU for the sub-page?

o    A “CoU-club of project coordinators”?

o    Do we need the list of “members”?  

o    …  

Date: Wednesday, October 18, 2017