A real-time terminal evacuation drill was conducted for the case study DELTA at the Budapest airport on July 2018, organised by the National Police Headquarters and the Bay Zoltán Research Institute.

Various emergency events were simulated during the evacuation exercises to see what measures are needed at an international airport when they occur, how passengers can be safely assaulted as quickly as possible, to remedy the emergency and to provide medical care to injured people as soon as possible and then restore the airport operations. A total of 1,200 volunteers participated in the airport simulation. The staff of Bay Zoltán Research Institute investigated the behavior of volunteers in crisis situations.

Among things that were investigated is how to improve resilience by using intelligent systems, cameras, and an application to respond to a given emergency instead of the designated escape routes, which interactively designs evacuation routes, choosing the safest possible for them.

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Date: Thursday, July 5, 2018