On 14th December a SmartResilience end-user workshop on critical infrastructure protection was held with the participation of national project team and external experts from law enforcement, private security sector, research and academia. Representatives were present from the Hungarian National Police (ORFK), National Disaster Management (OKF), Budapest Airport Security (BUD-Sec), BAY Zoltan Non-profit Ltd. for Applied Science (BZN) and National University of Public Service (NKE) at Ludovika University Campus in Budapest, Hungary. At the beginning of the workshop, there was a general summary on aims and tasks of the project at its current stand, thereafter the experts worked on developing a 5x5 resilience matrix for several case studies.

As one of the chairmen of the conference, SZÉKELY Zoltán said: „It is very much needed to understand the structure of the new wave represented by smart critical infrastructure. Our main objective is to create safer integrated procedures against threats to the end of the 36-month long project”- he added.

December workshop

Smart Resilience project aims to provide an innovative methodology for assessing resilience that is based on resilience indicators, with benchmarking conventional indicators on their validity in smart environment as well as defining new, ‘smart’ indicator candidates for resilience. To validate indicators related to airport as a critical infrastructure, a large scale field test will take place at Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest in 2017. Furthermore, the members also discussed about expected general impacts such as fostering new product developments and solutions for enhancing resilience of the population, etc.

Suggestions and advices were given by every participant, including opinions and suggestions for policy-making actions because of the existing legal barriers and opportunities. Sharing professional suggestions and advices with each other requires personal meetings such as this workshop”-said the chairman at the end of the meeting.


Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2016